Bitácora cares about a more sustainable world. This is why we commit to reducing and compensating our carbon footprint. We cannot achieve this all at once, but step by step. We have calculated our carbon footprint since 2021 and started reversing our impact on the planet by planting trees. We are doing this via the innovative digital nature restoration platform Sumthing and have supported planting projects in Scotland, Greece and Brazil. Check out our contributions here

This initiative is only the beginning. In time, we are working towards compensation no longer being necessary, by using only clean energy. We have also moved to full LED lighting. Future sustainable and circular initiatives include eliminating the small containers of shampoo and gel we offer in the bathrooms, purchasing local and organic products and buying recycled and recyclable products as much as possible.

When booking an apartment, you can also now opt for the green rate. By doing so, you directly contribute to offsetting the CO2 footprint of your stay at Bitácora. Upon arrival at the hotel, you will receive a card with a QR code that allows them to track the planting and the further development of your contribution via the Sumting platform.